Our Services

Our private cruises aim to make every moment fabulous for you and your beloved ones, offering unique services, representative of a celebrity’s style. The private cruises are tailored to your concept, proposal, party, wedding or any other, to improve the most important events you want to celebrate with family and friends.

Champagne Cocktail & Wine bar with your private BarTender

We Eliminate Simplicity…

Champagne Cocktail & Wine bar with your private BarTender: We provide top-quality bar services, aiming to ensure an unparalleled result and turn each trip into an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Enjoy a variety of famous champagnes, cocktails & wines and let us please your senses with the indulgence you deserve!

Lobster, Oysters shrimps and more

Exquisite culinary experience…

Lobster, Oysters shrimps and more…: We focus our energy on transforming cruises to the absolute best experience they can be. Hence, what about an extraordinary meal with lobster?

High-quality local ingredients create a fascinating explosion of mouth-watering flavours offering you a delicious taste of the Mediterranean cuisine in every single bite.

Water Sports on board

Water Sports on board

Fancy an adrenaline rush with your family and friends?

This water ride will literally have you screaming for your life! Feel the rush and the excitement swimming under the clear blue waters of Mediterranean Sea with the underwater scooter or relax enjoying the tranquillity of a SUP ride.

Photoshoot experience onboard

Capture the moment!

Photoshoot experience onboard!

Life is a series of memory snapshots and what better way to capture your own mesmerizing ones through our professional photographer onboard. We offer you edited photos by aerial and under water drone!